Ever wonder why annual wellness exams are so important for your furry friends whether they stay inside or run around outdoors? Or are you looking for information on the veterinary services we provide, how to manage your cat’s health at each stage of their life, or common diseases and their treatments? We have your information here. As always, don’t hesitate to call us at 514 674 2428 or email us at info@catvet.ca if your questions aren’t answered here.

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Why are annuals so important for my cat?

Whether your cats romps around outdoors, or lives the life of luxury inside, they should have a routine examination every year. Find out what your cats individual needs are, what they are at risk for whether inside or outside, how we can help you with a yearly check up, and how important preventative care is for your feline friend.


Life Stage Management

Kittens, adult cats, and senior furry friends all require different nutrients, bahavioural management, and preventative care! Find out how to keep your cat in tip top shape and set them up for a long, healthy life.


Common Diseases

Learn about some of the common diseases that can affect your cat, and how we can help prevent them, as well as diagnose and manage existing conditions.


Water & Hydration

Cat’s across the world just aren’t getting enough water! Find out what it is about the housecat’s lifestyle that makes them prone to dehydration, and what you can do to help your kitty get a good intake of water every day!


Our Wellness Services

  • Complete wellness examinations
  • Complete behavioral evaluations and consultations
  • Comprehensive, thorough diagnostics and treatment of ill or injured cats
  • Tailored vaccination programs for your specific cat
  • Well informed anti-parasitic programs to keep you and your cat healthy
  • Complete dental care including dental radiography
  • Full-body radiography services
  • In house laboratory to get your cat’s results faster
  • Fully equipped surgery and equipment to ensure that your cat is safe under anesthesia
  • Life stage consultations for kittens, adults and seniors.
  • Micro-chipping
  • Testing for cat aids and leukemia
  • End of life compassionate care
  • Please note that we are an anti-declaw clinic. (Learn Why Here)



  1. Ignore changes in behaviour, apetite, or thirst.
  2. Forget to check the litterbox for the consistency of their stool.
  3. Wait a week to call you veterinarian when your cat has not been eating well.
  4. Apply topical creams to wounds and scratches (please, no polysporin, Bag Balm, or peroxide home remedies!)
  5. Ignore yearly reminders for their annual preventative health exam.
  6. Assume your cat will show it if they are sick.
  7. Treat your cat like a small dog.
  8. Diagnose your cat with Dr. Google’s information.
  9. Choose your cat’s food based on price alone.
  10. Assume a “mean” cat is just naturally like that (Hint: It’s usually fear or pain!)