About us

La Clinique Veterinaire des Chats is the first cats only clinic in the West Island. Our practice is designed to provide your feline friend with the utmost in compassionate professional care in our dog free, stress free environment. We are a behaviour orientated practice, and Dr. Sherlyn Spooner has an advanced degree in feline behaviour. What does this mean for you and your cat? Less stressful visits, and expert handling of your cats, all contributing to your cat's overall well-being. Find more information on the services we provide on our Wellness page!

Our Mission

The best possible veterinary care devoted exclusively to the health, welfare and well being of your feline family member. We are committed to always giving the most compassionate, caring and complete veterinary services in a cat exclusive environment, and to enriching the bond between you and your cat.

Standards of Excellence

Dr. Spooner stays an active member of the veterinary community and ensures we provide you with only quality care through veterinary networks and associations, and she & her staff regularly improve their knowledge attending conferences and continuing education.

  • Veterinary Internet Network (VIN)
    An international online group that offers consultation services in all aspects of veterinary medicine from specialist all over the world thereby allowing us to always be able to provide your cat with the best and latest in cat care. Their online continuing education is outstanding and Dr. Spooner loves to learn.
  • CVMA
  • Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association

Why Cats Only?

Our clients are delighted that we have devoted ourselves exclusively to cat care. La Clinique Veterinaire des Chats is the only cat exclusive clinic in the West Island. Everything in our practice is designed to provide your beloved cat with the utmost in compassionate professional care while allowing them to enjoy our stress free environment without the smells and noises from dogs. We love dogs too, but our cat patients prefer to attend a clinic where noisy woofers are not around.

Dr. Spooner

Dr. Sherlyn Spooner, DVM, M.Sc. Dr. Spooner graduated from the veterinary faculty of the Universite de Montreal and went on to pursue an advanced degree in clinical medicine (clinical behaviour). Her master’s thesis was in cat behaviour. She has been treating referred behavioural cases in the Montreal area since 1991. Dr. Spooner has been working as a feline practitioner for over ten years pursuing her passion for cat medicine. For the last six years, she has been a very active contributor to animal welfare in her role on the Animal Welfare Committee for the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Spooner is a strong advocate for banning feline declaws.