Why an Annual Exam for Cats?

Whether your cat is the king of the neighbourhood or a lovebug who has never set a paw out of doors an annual exam is crucial to their health for routine care, prevetative screening and early detection of many feline metabolic diseases.



Why does my indoor cat need to have a wellness check up every year? Humans need a medical checkup every year, and because cats age roughly 4 years to our every one year, their bodies and needs change faster than ours do. This is why a checkup every year is so important. Here are just a few things we can help you with.

  • Cats hide their signs of illness– We are here to help you find them.
  • We will assist you in detecting early signs of discomfort in your cat
  • We can look in their mouths, so you don’t have to. Why? Because dental disease is the most common ailment in cats.
  • Tried to get your cat to lose weight? We can help with a behavioural/nutritional program tailored just for your cat.
  • Nutritional and behavioural needs change as your cat ages.
  • Arthritis is very common in cats. They are very good at not showing clinical signs such as lameness.
  • Environmental enrichment—no more cat couch potatoes
  • Indoor cats are still at risk for many diseases that originate in the body, even if they are safer from outside threats. Read Dr. Spooner’s blog on the hidden illnesses of indoor cats to find out more!



In addition to why an indoor cat needs a yearly wellness checkup, if your cat does go outside they need some extra care to keep them in purrfect health for many years!

  • Special vaccine needs — rabies does exist in Quebec and the main carrier is the bat!
  • Internal parasites that pose a health risk not just for your cat, but for your family
  • Outdoor identification so your cat can always get home! Rabies tags should be updated annually!
  • Fleas — no one want to itch! On top of that, flea collars and over the counter flea products often contain harmful insecticides that can harm both your cat and you!