Weight Loss Resolution for Chubby Kitties

cat couch potato

Raise your hands: how many of us have failed so far in our well intentioned news years resolutions? How about setting a very important new weight loss resolution for your cat that we can help you to keep?

About half of you reading this blog will have a cat who really needs to lose weight for many important health reasons.  Clinical obesity (fat cats) is one of the most important contributors to serious health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, and inflammatory abdominal issues in our cats.  Fat cats also can’t wash their behinds leading to painful urine burns.  

Perhaps you have tried to put your cat on a diet before and it just has not worked.  That is where we at La Clinique Veterinaire des Chats with our expertise in feline health, behaviour and nutrition can help you to achieve this new year’s resolution of getting your beloved butterball cat to lose weight.

We start with an in depth physical and case history and then make a diet tailored to your cat’s specific needs.  We will give you exercise routines for your cats.  We even have toys designed to help your cat mimic the act of hunting for their food!

Once they are on their weight loss plan with us they come in for a free monthly weigh in where your success at getting the cat’s weight off is charted and further tips for success are given.

Dr. Spooner has put together a page going into the causes and effects of feline obesity, as well as the science behind the various weight loss foods for cats that are available! You can click through to read that in-depth article here.  

This is one resolution that we can help you keep! Call us now for your kitty’s weight loss conultation!

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