Feline Behaviours



Is your cat acting out, behaving abnormally (more fearful, anxious, stressed, or aggressive) or showing other signs of distress?

Behavioral problems are one of the leading reasons for stress for both the owner and the cat. Behavioral Problems can lead to a rupture of the human-cat bond. Dr. Spooner has been helping both cats and their guardians with behavioral problems since 1991.

There are many symptoms that are present in both medical and behavioral issues, such as elimination outside of the litter box. Dr. Spooner will thoroughly asses that the unwanted behavior is not caused to to a physical issue, and then move on looking at the issue from a behavioral perspective. Call us today to book an appointment with Dr. Spooner and her team and let us help you work toward restoring peace between you and your feline companion.




Play is an extremely important part of your cat’s active lifestyle, whether they are new kittens, robust adults, or lower-energy seniors. However, did you know that not all cat’s play the same way and prefer the same stimuli? Click through to read Dr. Spooner’s blog detailing the three different types of cat play, as well as good “play-hygiene” (hint: never play with your toes under the sheets, unless you want a lifetime of nighttime nibbles!)


The litter box is a very important spot in a cat’s household, and an area of behavior that can be drastically effected by stress or changes in the household. However, it is also one of the most common ares for cat to show their first signs of pain or discomfort. For this reason, it is imperative that you properly set up and respect a cat’s litter box needs, and pay close attention to their behaviors while in it. Read all about our recommendations for keeping the litter box a healthy, stress free area of your home and avoid unwanted accidents!


One thing that we often hear is that a cat is “punishing” their owner for whatever reason, by peeing or pooing outside of their box, or that a cat is just naturally grumpy or aggressive. This mindset often causes the underlying medical or behavioral issues to go on, unchecked by a veterinarian, and often worsening drastically. It is important to remember that cats who are displaying unwanted behaviors, be it aggression, unwanted eliminations, etc., are usually displaying external signs that they are in pain and/or stress. If your cat is exhibiting such signs, please contact us and we will guide you through the steps of what can be done to get your cat feeling their best again.