The Scoop on Kittens and Internal Parasite

Yuck! Kittens do get worms in their guts, and they can affect both your kitten and you! Intestinal parasites are very common in all kittens. They are passed onto them from their mother`s milk. Adult cats can carry them all their lives and stress such as pregnancy causes these parasites to come out of the […]

Weight Loss Resolution for Chubby Kitties

cat couch potato

Raise your hands: how many of us have failed so far in our well intentioned news years resolutions? How about setting a very important new weight loss resolution for your cat that we can help you to keep? About half of you reading this blog will have a cat who really needs to lose weight for […]

“Hey Human, I’m thirsty!” Your Cat & Water

Glass of Water

When our cats used to live outside, they hunted. Their prey usually contained between 60 to 70 percent moisture. As well, they got to choose their own water sources, such as flat empty ponds. With the move over to dry food and keeping our cats indoors, most of our cats are just not getting enough […]

They Come With Claws

Cats come with claws

Cats are amazing creatures.  Intelligent, curious, capable of forming great interspecies bonds with humans.  But they come with a full set of claws. I am a fully trained feline veterinarian, a qualified cat behaviourist and a strong active advocate for animal rights.  I have been involved with the Animal Welfare Committee for the Canadian Veterinary […]


Curiosity killed the cat but sweet satisfaction brought him back.  Cats are naturally curious, investigative and great observational learners.  These means that they are naturally playful! Cats play for many reasons.  Sometimes they play just for the fun of it.  As a kitten however play has both a fun and a learning component (learn more […]

Let’s Talk About Poop

So here is the scoop — most cat owners don’t know what normal cat poop is supposed to look like. We ask you in clinic “And your cat’s stools, are they normal?”  Usually the response is something like: “Oh yeah! But sometimes he will poop outside the litter box, because he is mad at me.” […]

The Hidden Diseases of Indoor Cats

 Here’s a situation we see all too often: I’m in the examination room with a client and her wonderful cat, who I have not seen in three years. She loves this cat dearly but since he does not go outside, she saw no need to come see us every year. (It’s a common misconception that […]

How to get your cat to the vet without either of you having a nervous breakdown!

choosing a cat

Okay, we know that sometimes the thought of bringing your cat to the vet is about as enticing as filing your income taxes. First, you have to capture the cat. How does a 15 lb cat manage to squeeze under the couch anyways? You have to wrestle with four fully extended legs with claws into […]