Behaviour & Nutrition

Feline Behaviours

See how well you know your cat behaviour, and learn about some of the common behavioural problems and their solutions, from a qualified cat behaviorist, and find out if your cat is a mouser or a birder!


Preventing Litter Box Problems

Setting your cat up with the right location, size, and type of litter and litter box can go a huge way in preventing bad habit before they start! Learn some of the reasons why cats are so picky about where they pee, and how you can avoid or correct unwanted litter box behaviour.



An increasingly common problem in housecats, learn about why maintaining a healthy body weight is so important for cats, and what Dr. Spooner recommends if your cat needs a slight nudge in the right weight loss direction.


Choosing Your Cat’s Nutrition

We know what to look for in our own food labels, but what exactly does you furry friend need, and how can you make an educated decision regarding their diets? We have been selling both general wellness and prescription diets, and Dr. Spooner can give you a feeding recommendation backed by your cat’s personal health history.

Some Fascinating Cat Facts!

  • Cats are obligatory carnivores
  • Cats are either right pawed or left pawed
  • Cats not only can be the hunters but they can also be the prey